About Tulsa Master Gardeners

There are Master Gardener programs in 45 states. These programs serve the important function of providing trained volunteers to assist in providing information and support to home gardeners and the community.

The Tulsa Master Gardener Program is sponsored, trained and supervised by the OSU Cooperative Extension Service which has offices in all 77 Oklahoma Counties.

The Tulsa Master Gardener Program

The Ways We Serve the Residents of Tulsa County

Our Diagnostic Center

Lawn & Garden Help


School Programs


Speakers Bureau

Senior Living

Community Events

Demonstration Garden

Habitat for Humanity

Tulsa Blooms


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2018 Statistics

Active Master Gardeners: 416

Total Volunteer Hours Donated: 35,017

Master Gardener Diagnostic Center: 3009 Phone Calls, 888 walk-ins,

          445 emails, 4342 Total Clients

Demonstration Garden: Thousands of Visitors Each Year

School Program: 87 Schools, 754 classes, 17,980 students

Exploring Insects: 1200 Students Participated

Senior Living Outreach: 30 facilities / 388 Seniors

Habitat for Humanity: 12 New Homes Landscaped for 12 Families

Home Builders and Gardening Shows: Thousands of Visitors

Gardening eNewsletter: 10,000 recipients

Master Gardener Garden Tour: over 830 Visitors

Tulsa Blooms: Flower Pots in Brookside and BlueDome District

4116 E. 15th Street,Tulsa, OK  74112-6198