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This series classes will provide you with a better understating of gardening basics so you can become a more successful gardener.  

While we typically offer these classes at the OSU Extension Office in Tulsa, we have put together a series of videos and online resources you can study from home.

These classes are for anyone wanting to learn more about soil, growing vegetables, pollinator gardens, trees, shrubs, and turf management.  

Each lesson includes an instructional video, supportive material, and addition information.

The classes breakout as listed below.

Session 1: The Dirt on Soil

     - What is soil?

     - Nutrient management

     - All about fertilizers

     - Soil Testing

     - Understanding your soil test

Session 2: Vegetable Gardens

     Pt. 1 Planning Your Garden

     - Choosing a Location

     - Types of Gardens

     - Making a Planting Plan

     - Plant Spacing

     - Crop Rotation

     - Selecting What to Plant

Session 3: Vegetable Gardens

     Pt. 2 Plant, Grow, Harvest

     - Preparing the Soil

     - Seed Packets

     - Understanding Varieties

     - What Grows in Oklahoma

     - Direct Seed or Transplant

     - Fertilization

     - Mulching

     - Weeding

     - Disease/Pest Problems

     - Harvesting

Session 4: Pollinator Gardens

     - Why do we care about pollinators?

     - What is a pollinator garden?

     - Recommended plants

     - Pest management tips

Session 5: Trees & Shrubs

     - Selecting Trees & Shrubs

     - Planting Trees & Shrubs

     - Keeping Them Healthy

     - Pruning & Trimming

     - Disease & Pests

Session 6: Lawn Management

     - Turf Selection

     - Turf Establishment

     - Turf Management

     - Weed Basics

     - Disease & Pests

The Cost: Six classes - $30

4116 E. 15th Street

Tulsa, OK  74112-6198