Earthworm Snap Page!

Suggested Grade Level: K-2nd (video length: 4:33 minutes)

OAS Objectives: K.ESS3.1, K.ESS2.2, 1.LS1.1, 3.LS1.1, 3.LS2.1,

4.LS1.1, 4.LS1.2, 5.LS2.1

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Hands On Activity

Find an earthworm (or you can buy them in the sporting goods section of Walmart). Put a spoonful of water on a plate and place the worm on the plate. Cover up half of the plate with a piece of cardboard so that the worm is halfway covered. Shine a flashlight on the worm and notice what it does. Does it prefer the light or the dark? You can also let the worm crawl on your arm to set if you can feel its setae (little hairs). Be sure to return it to the soil when you are done.

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