Flower Snap Page!

Suggested Grade Level: K-2nd (video length: 4:14 minutes)

OAS Objectives: K.LS1.1, K.ESS3.1, 1.LS2.1, 2.LS2.2, 3.LS1.1,

4.LS1.1, 4.LS1.1, 5.LS1.1

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Hands On Activity

Change the color of a Flower

Choose a white flower - daisy, carnation or lily.

Dilute food coloring with an equal amount of water to food coloring. Cut the stem of flower to about 2inches and place the stem of the flower into the diluted food coloring.  After an hour or less you will begin to see color changes in the petals. The flower is soaking up the coloring.                                       

You may also split the stem with a knife and place each split end into a different color dye. This will give a two tone flower.     

The cut flower continues to absorb water into the petals of flower, changing its color. Flowers need water even after we have picked them. This is why we put cut flowers into a vase of water.

If a flower is not available you may choose a celery stalk. Cut the stalk from the center of the celery bulb to ensure you have some leaves on the chosen stalk. You may split the celery stalk, immersing the two ends in different color food coloring.     

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