Urban Gardener

Seed to Supper Edition

Seed to Supper

This  class will provide you with a better understating of vegetable gardening basics so you can become a more successful gardener.  

It is intended for those whose interest is in starting a home vegetable garden or perhaps learning how to become a more successful vegetable gardener.

Pizza lunch is included.

Course Fees: $30

          Includes a pizza lunch

When: July 20, 2024

          9:00 am - 3:00 pm


Where: OSU Extension Office

          4116 E. 15th Street

          Tulsa, OK 74112

Seed to Supper Curriculum

The Dirt on Soil

     - What is soil?

     - Nutrient management

     - All about fertilizers

     - Soil Testing

     - Understanding your soil test


Vegetable Gardens

     Planning Your Garden

     - Choosing a Location

     - Types of Gardens

     - Making a Planting Plan

     - Plant Spacing

     - Crop Rotation

     - Selecting What to Plant

Vegetable Gardens

     Plant, Grow, Harvest

     - Preparing the Soil

     - Seed Packets

     - Understanding Varieties

     - What Grows in Oklahoma

     - Direct Seed or Transplant

     - Fertilization

     - Mulching

     - Weeding

     - Integrated Pest Management

     - Treating Disease/Pest

               Problems Organically

4116 E. 15th Street

Tulsa, OK  74112-6198