Support the Master Gardeners

There are two ways to donate to the Tulsa County Master Gardeners. All donations are tax deductible.

1) You can donate to the Endowment Fund which helps fund the long term success of the program.

2) You can donate to the Operating Fund which supports day to day programming and operational expenses.

The Tulsa Master Gardener Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization.  Not only are we non-profit, we are also completely self funded.  We do not receive any funding from federal, state, or local authorities . . .nor from OSU.   Essentially, all of our funding comes from a combination of three sources:

1) Our own Master Gardener fundraiser programs (Spring Plant Sale, June Garden Tour, etc.)

2) Our generous public corporate and private donations

3) Our own generous Master Gardener donations

These donations keep our multitude of Master Gardener Outreach Programs funded and functioning year to year.  We sincerely thank you for your previous donations and hope that you remember us in the future.

Did you know that we have been around for over three decades, since 1983?  And, we plan to be around for many more decades to come.  

Did you know that we are one of the top five Master Gardener county programs in the entire nation?  We are, indeed, because of the size of our Foundation membership as well as the diversity and activity level of our outreach programs!  

So, we are pleased to announce, in partnership with the Tulsa Community Foundation, the Master Gardener Foundation has now established an Endowment Fund to ensure our long-term financial strength.  Our plans are to build this fund for many years before making any withdrawals from it.  Please consider us as you make your annual gift giving and estate planning decisions.  Remember, all donations are fully tax deductible! 

We thank you for having been such faithful contributors both in the past and in advance for your future consideration and participation!

4116 E. 15th Street

Tulsa, OK  74112-6198